Simplicity #1460 Patttern or a 1950’s/1960’s Blouse

This summer in August I met a wonderful lady at our county fair. I met her while working at the Baldwin Reynolds House Museum stand. During our conversation he asked if I could sew her a 1950/1960’s blouse, because she couldn’t find any seamstresses or tailors in Pittsburgh. I consented and here is how it turned out.

The fabric was lace (I do believe it was polyester, but it was still gorgeous) from the David Tuturrea Bridal Line.The fabric cost about $24.00 a yard! Needless to say I made a very careful mockup to make sure that I didn’t ruin the wonderful fabric. There are also four beautiful, plastic, crystal buttons that add a nice touch. The pattern I used was Simplicity’s #1460

  Simplicity Pattern 1460 Misses' 1950s Vintage Peplum Tunic & Blouse

The garment was very fun and enjoyable to construct! I now need to sew a 1960’s skirt for my customer which should be a lot simpler.


Author: Taylor'sHistoricalSewing

I love to sew historically accurate clothing and also costumes. I also like to read, swim, write, interact with people, sing, and of course I love history.

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