Hello everyone! My name is Richard Taylor Herr. I’m an 18 years old Christian and I have a passion for historical clothing. I inherited the love of sewing though my Mennonite heritage. In our community sewing is very important and has been since our beginnings. Most women make their dresses and quilting is a big deal in some Mennonite circles. My grandmother and her quilting skills is what really got me into sewing. Over the past three years I’ve been learning how to sew and create historically accurate pieces of clothing. My passion is to join or start a business that sews historical clothing for costumers, theaters, reenactors, historical interpreters, historical villages, and for people who just want to wear the spectacular and beautiful garments that were worn in the “Old Days”. I also dream of working in Williamsburg as a Mantua Maker and Milliner. I also make costumes which I will also post here on the blog even though they don’t fall into the historically accurate category.